Judging Criteria

    The judging committee will not exclusively reward businesses that generate the highest financial return however a requirement for entry is that the proposed business is scalable. Each entry will be judged on the following 5 criteria based on a 10-point scale:

      1. Uniqueness of the business and progress to date
    • How the business creates, delivers, and captures value. Is the business model unique and scalable? Does the product/service have a prototype ready?
    • 2. Is the value proposition (solution for a pain point) must have for people?
    • Clearly defined value proposition for one or more customer segments with a pain point. Is the value proposition with unique and must-have features?
    • 3. Market opportunity and competitive positioning
    • Is this a disruptive idea/innovation that can create a large market or is it merely an incremental innovation in a crowded market space?
    • 4. Team mix, qualification, and experience
    • Is there domain expertise on the team? Does the team and their advisors have prior startup (success or failures) experience? Is the team balanced with entrepreneurial, product, marketing, and business backgrounds
    • 5. Would you fund this business or the team?
    • Is the team agile and flexible to run rapid experiments to validate their hypothesis? Or are they only focused on executing their business plan?

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