[ News Release ] June 9 2015
APEC Accelerator Network Forum for Early Stage Investment
Provides Tec Start-ups with Connections to International Resources

In order to promote the development of innovative technology start-ups and entrepreneurs in the Asia-Pacific region, Johnny Yeh, Director General of the Small and Medium Enterprise Administration in Chinese Taipei, led a delegation to attend the 40th APEC Small and Medium Enterprises Working Group meeting in Atlanta, the United States from June 8th to 11th. During the 4-day meeting, APEC Accelerator Network(AAN) Forum for Early Stage Investment co-organized by Chinese Taipei and the U.S. Department of Commerce took place on 8th, in which more than a hundred of representatives from government agencies, multi-national corporations, high profile venture capitalists, top accelerators and start-ups from 21 APEC member economies all participated in the forum, discussing how start-ups can accelerate its growth by accessing international resources and early stage investment through the network. This is also a great opportunity for promising start-ups to apply for the 2015 APEC Challenge on October 19-20 in Taipei. We are looking for more innovative start-ups to dream big. Please sign up by June 30th at official website at http://www.apecaccelerator.org. You might be the next global stars.

APEC Challenge, the best platform to access early stage investment

On June 8, APEC Accelerator Network Forum for Early Stage Investment commenced with the remarks by Johnny Yeh, Director General of the Small and Medium Enterprise Administration in Chinese Taipei, Bruce Andrews, Deputy Secretary at U.S. Department of Commerce, and John Andersen, chair of APEC’s SME Working Group. In his remark, Mr. Yeh firstly expressed his gratitude for the tremendous support provided by the U.S. during the preparation of the conference. He commented that in the age of digital economy and Internet of Things, technology is ever-changing and global competition is creating new challenges as well as opportunities for SMEs. The only way to grow fast and sustainably in a world of innovation is to embrace changes and entrepreneurship.

With the purpose of helping start-ups access accelerator programs and resources, the APEC Accelerator Network was launched by Chinese Taipei and now has 15 members and 49 accelerators partners. Also, over the past 2 years, the APEC Challenge, sponsored by Intel and Siemens, has successfully attracted more than 800 participants including 60 start-up teams from 21 APEC member economies and representatives of high-profile international venture capitalists, angel investors and corporate executives. Many teams successfully raised their next round of funding after the Challenge and go international. To take one step further, this year, the APEC Challenge will be hosted on a global scale; welcoming those promising tech start-ups from different parts of the world to seize this valuable opportunity to collaborate with Intel and Siemens. The second AAN Forum will be hosted on September 22 during the APEC SME Ministerial Meeting in Iloilo City, the Philippines.

This AAN Forum focused on three key themes: “opportunities and challenges for SMEs in the digital economy”, “early stage investment” and “start-up communities”. In 2 keynote speeches and 3 panel discussions, representatives from multinational corporations, Coca-Cola and Intel; GIF, APFF, AngelList, ATDC and top accelerators from Chinese Taipei and South Korea shared their insights and experiences on how to accelerate high-growth for start-ups in the globalized economy.

In order to promote international business opportunities, Chinese Taipei’s HyXen Technology, Viscovery, Zuvio and 9 promising startups from the U.S., South Korea, Peru and Chile were selected to pitch their innovative ideas or products in front of these high profile speakers and experts, who will help the teams stand out in global competition and collaborate with their international partners.

The results of the SME Initiative by Chinese Taipei will be presented in the APEC SME Working Group Meeting

The theme for APEC 2015 is “Building Inclusive Economies, Building A Better World” with a focus on key issues such as fostering SMEs to participate in regional and global markets and establishing sustainable and resilient communities for SMEs. Chinese Taipei will present the results of promoting APEC Accelerator Network and multi-year project on Business Continuity Plan at the APEC SME Working Group Meeting on June 11th. A newly initiated project aiming at helping SMEs adopt new online to offline (O2O) business models will also be introduced in the meeting. Through these innovative initiatives and collaboration with all APEC economies, we are looking forward to seeing a Prosperous Asia-Pacific in the future.