[ 9 innovative start-ups pitch during AAN Forum I ]

  • Algramohttp://www.algramo.clhttps://www.facebook.com/Algramo
  • Business model focused as distribution channel of basic need products in bulk. Revolving around retail sale through dispenser machines in returnable packaging, reducing prices, responding to the problem of lack of liquidity in low-income families that cannot buy higher volume formats, combating poverty tax, further reducing the environmental packaging impact.Algramo aims to establish a wholesale relationship with manufacturers of consumer products such as detergents, rice and oil, among others, in order to buy the products in bulk, not packaged-saving packaging costs significantly without lowering the quality of the product. Thus, bulk suppliers distribute products in stores in large quantities, also reducing logistics costs.Then the products are marketed through Algramo dispenser machines which have a capacity of +25 kg. The containers ensure the quality and hygiene and deliver the right amount for daily consumption, and can be returnable, thus not generating waste.

  • CleanHandshttp://www.cleanhands-safehands.com
  • Clean Hands Safe Hands (CHSH) is a cost-effective, non-intrusive, wireless technology designed to help hospitals monitor and improve hand hygiene compliance down to the individual staff member. Their technology records, reminds, reports, and reacts to hand hygiene events throughout the health system.Founded in 2013 by Chris Hermann, PhD, CEO, this system will monitor and distinguish compliance of individual employees, groups of employees, or non-employee individuals who enter or exit patient areas and rooms. The sensors do not require any physical modifications to the hospital, as they are battery powered, wireless, and mounted to any existing alcohol or soap dispenser. The system is customizable to fit the compliance needs of specific units, floors, hospitals, and staff groups and can be changed dynamically through the cloud with no physical contact to the system.

  • HyXen Technology Co. Ltd.http://www.hyxen.com
  • CHyXen Technology is an integrated information technology company with a focus on location-based service (LBS) solution for mobile devices. As a leading LBS solution provider in Asia Pacific region, HyXen believes by building on innovative ideas and solid research & development capabilities, we can tap into future demand for location services and bring Smart Life services for true mobile freedom. With this direction, HyXen hopes to continue growth in all dimensions and step up to becoming a pioneer in mobile location services industry.HyXen has core patents in Location technologies which beyond GPS, beyond carriers, beyond OS with privacy protection for consumers. HyXen built proprietary location database and platform called MobileLocus. As today, it has over two billion location database for worldwide to bring next generation of LBS (Location Based Service) into New Location Business Service and Location Behaviour Service. Such as AdLocus for Mobile Ad network, PushLocus for O2O and IoT, WirelessLove for Mobile E-Commerce and etc.

  • MyRealTriphttps://www.myrealtrip.comhttp://www.facebook.com/myRealTrip
  • My Real Trip is a travel site enabling travelers to find locals who can provide customized and true local experience. My Real Trip, in its 4th year, offers its service in 218 cities at the moment and actively is going global.The company has raised capital from Korea's major early stage VCs Bon Angels Venture Partners, Primer, Smilegate Investment, and Captstone Partners.The company also won "Web in Travel 2014 Tokyo Startup Pitch."

  • SafelyStayhttps://www.safelystay.com
  • SafelyStay brings safety to the vacation home rental marketplace with rigorous guest screening plus the assurances of a hotel stay, all backed by up to $1 million of damage and liability insurance.Homeowners become comfortable allowing anonymous strangers from the Internet to sleep in their beds, use their dishes and live in their home with our three services:Guest verification-- we verify the guest's identity; check global crime databases such as Interpol, money laundering and terrorists lists; check for felonies in the US; check sex offender lists in the US and other countries where allowed; and have been collecting our own data on guest performance from over 1 million house nightsPrimary damage insurance -- the first $10,000 of damage during the stay is covered in our primary insurance policy. This eliminates the need for a damage deposit or for collecting from the guest post-stayPrimary liability insurance-- since most personal homeowner policies do not cover paying guests, we offer a primary policy to cover up to $1,000,000 of liability to the homeowner, property manager and booking websiteWe also help sharing economy guests — who are easy targets for fraud — become comfortable staying in an unbranded home which often requires pre-payment. We serve as the merchant of record for the rental payment and help the guest in cases of fraud, guest eviction due to the home being illegally rented, and when the home is unlivable or significantly not as described.

  • StudyRoomhttps://www.getstudyroom.com
  • StudyRoom is the social learning platform for personalized on-demand academic help.In Fall 2014 we started rolling it out at 100 universities, more than half a million students have signed up so far, at some schools over 40% of the entire undergrad population is on board and up to 43% weekly actives during finals at our top schools.The idea pretty simple, in college you could have hundreds of classmates but only get to meet a couple so if you get stuck on homework it’s very hard to get help, making your classmates the largest, scalable, untapped resource. Students can now have access to all their classmates at any time to ask questions, share notes, form study groups and get instant help from student tutors right when they need it with StudyRoom. That's the beauty of a truly connected new generation of students.

  • Touch Entertainmenthttp://www.touchentertainment.pe
  • We are lovers of technology and as such we like to exploit to our benefit and that of our customers and users. That's why that in 2009 we created TOUCH ENTERTAINMENT, a visionary company that is at the forefront of the mobile revolution, becoming the first Peruvian company dedicated exclusive to the development of software for mobile devices (iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows Phone).We have an R + D + i composed of architects, analysts, and developers are in constant research of mobile technology, contributing to the improvement of our products and services highly qualified designers.We have a laboratory of user experience and usability, here we evaluate our solutions with real people invited, which are monitored by our experts to ensure that the final product be easy to use, desirable and meets the expectations of our customers.How do we do it?.- We use SCRUM, an agile methodology that has shown significant advantages over conventional methods, mainly by getting shorter project times and develop a functionally more suited to customer needs solution.

  • Viscoveryhttp://viscovery.cohttps://www.facebook.com/viscovery.co
  • Viscovery (Funwish Corp.) is an cloud-based image recognition technology company, providing customers with product, offline and video recognition solution. Amos Huang, CEO of Viscovery, founded Viscovery in 2008 and established abroad office in Singapore in 2013. Our mission of Viscovery is to develop visual search for customers to integrate image recognition into their own applications. Viscovery so far has expanded markets in Southeast Asia, Japan and Korea.Furthermore, Viscovery successfully integrated visual search technology with wearable devices such as Google Glass in 2014.

  • Zuviohttp://www.zuvio.com.tw
  • Zuvio is a cloud based interactive response system. By using this system, the audiences are able to have immediate interactive experiences with the speaker through their own devices such as cell phones, tablets, or laptops. Besides synchronous learning experiences in a face-to-face environment, Zuvio also provides elegant solutions to real-time interactions in cross location conditions. The immediate feedback of the audience can be shown in the form of visual graphs. After class, the records and personal profiles can be exported by the lecturer for tracing or grading.Up to now, Zuvio have been adapted by over 10,000 professors and 250,000 students from over 88 universities (penetration rate in Taiwan: 88/159 = 1/2+) and 150 K12 schools. We are also chosen by leading brands like TEDxTaipei (over 2,000 participants in each workshop) and Cathay Life Insurance Company (over 40,000 trainees) as their interactive solution.


Innovative start-ups and high-growth SMEs are regarded as the driving force behind structural changes and sustainable economic growth and prosperity, especially in their stronger propensity to generate employment than average firms as well as technological and social innovation. However, they usually have great difficulties in accessing the early-stage investment from business angels and VCs to promote their profitable and outstanding idea or product. But thankfully, based on the experience of Silicon Valley, accelerator featuring mentoring, funding, and networking has been proven as an effective tool to connect the early-stage investment.

With the above understanding and in response to the 2014 APEC Leaders’ call on promoting the APEC Accelerator Network and to invest in the early stage development of innovative SMEs, Chinese Taipei is conducting the project of APEC Accelerator Network (AAN) for Early-Stage Investment. This project, with the objectives of underpinning the regional networking of accelerators and start-up communities, of creating a pragmatic start-ups ecosystem and of building an APEC mentorship-driven investment network will be the catalyst and facilitator to further the financial inclusion of high-growth SMEs and start-ups in the APEC region.


Chinese Taipei and the host of 40th SMEWG meeting, the United States is co-sponsoring APEC Accelerator Forum I: From Start-up to Scale-up on Monday, June 8, 2015 in Atlanta, Georgia, the United States. The objective of this around 100 participants’ invitation-only forum is to underpin the regional networking of accelerators and start-up communities through the support of AAN members and the collaboration with stakeholders from public and private sectors in the APEC region.

During the event, representatives from multinational corporations, Coca-Cola and Intel will share their insights on how to accelerate high-growth for start-ups; members of AAN and local famous accelerators such as Global Accelerator Network (GAN) will share their experience on the facilitation of early-stage investment to scale up start-ups’ business; and representatives from start-up communities in the APEC region such as Korean’s D.Camp will share their expertise on the establishment of start-up communities that can support innovative entrepreneurs building vibrant start-up ecosystems. Besides, six to ten selective innovative startups recommended by APEC member economies will demo their innovative ideas or products in the afternoon.

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