Logistics Note
  • Meeting Registration

    Please complete the online registration form for you and your recommended start-ups by September 5th, 2015 at http://tinyurl.com/AAN-Forum-II. For the nominated start-ups to attend the Demo Session, please complete the Nomination Form (Annex A).
    Onsite check-in for participants will take place at the Iloilo Convention Center from 08:30 on Monday, September 21. Any questions may also be directed to Mr. Jeffery Wang (d32088@tier.org.tw) with a copy to Dr. Ko-Hsiung Lien (d12180@tier.org.tw) and assistance will be provided.

  • Hotel Reservations
    1. Hotel Information:

      The following hotels have been designated for the participants.

      1.) Amigo Terrace Hotel


      Address: Cor. Iznart – Delgado Streets, Iloilo City
      Contact Person: Mr. Carrie Marin
      Tel: (033) 335-0908
      Fax: (033) 335-0610

      2.) Century 21

      Address: Quezon Street, Iloilo City
      Contact Person: Reservations Team
      Tel1: (033) 335-8821
      Tel2: (033) 335-8823
      Fax: (033) 335-8824

      3.) Circle Inn & Suites


      Address: Iznart St., Maria Clara, Iloilo City
      Contact Person: Ms. Charlette Faengvad
      Tel: (033) 508-0000

      4.) Days Hotel


      Address: 4th Level, The Atrium, General Luna St., Iloilo City
      Contact Person: Mr. Jorge Immanuel Wong
      Tel1: (033) 337-3297
      Tel2: (033) 336-8801 to 05
      Fax: (033) 336-8000

      5.) GT Hotel


      Address: 15 Majestic Bldg., De Leon St., Iloilo City
      Contact Person: Reservations Team
      Tel: (033) 335-3254

      6.) Highway 21

      Address: General Luna Street, Iloilo City
      Contact Person: Ms. Janelle Gibalo-an
      Tel1: (033) 335-1220
      Tel2: (033) 335-1221
      Tel3: (033) 335-1852
      Mobile: +63-917-7224321

      7.) IloIlo Business Hotel

      Address: Glicerio Pison St. corner Benigno Aquino Avenue, Smallville, Mandurriao, Iloilo City
      Contact Person: Mr. Rey A. Jadoc
      Mobile: +63-998-578-2838
      Tel/Fax: (033) 320-7972

      8.) Iloilo Grand Hotel

      Address: Iznart St. Iloilo City
      Contact Person: Mr. Robert Alor
      Mobile1: +63-922-858-5139
      Mobile2: +63-939-939-8396
      Mobile3: +63-917-7188843
      Tel: (033) 335-0456

      9.) Injap Tower Hotel


      Address: West Diversion Road, Iloilo City
      Contact Person: Mr. Diovannie Lester Catague
      Mobile: +63-915-7922179
      Tel1: (033) 330-7111
      Tel2: (033) 330-7100
      Fax: (033) 333-5111

      10.) People’s Hotel


      Address: Cor. Fuentes – Delgado Sts., Iloilo City
      Contact Person:Ma. Leilah Y. Geronimo
      Tel1: (033) 336-1070
      Tel2: (033) 508-7111
      Tel3: (033) 509-7111
      Fax: (033) 509-3888

      11.) Richmonde Hotel


      Address: Megaworld Boulevard cor. Enterprise Road, Iloilo Business Park, Madurriao, Iloilo City
      Contact Person: Ms. Czarina Galano Designation: Director of Sales
      Tel: (033) 328-7888
      Fax: (033) 328-7866
      Email: cgalano@richmondehotel.com.ph

      12.) Sarabia Manor Hotel


      Address: 101 General Luna Street, Iloilo City
      Contact Person: Ms. Rosalie Adong Designation: Front Office Supervisor
      Tel: (033) 335-1021 to 32
      Fax: (033) 335-1032

      13.)Seda Hotel


      Address: Atria Business Park, Pison Ave., Mandurriao, Iloilo
      Contact Person1: Ms. Melissa Carlos
      Contact Person2: Mr. Neljun Guion
      Tel1: (033) 501-4803
      Mobile1: +63-917-8101042
      Mobile2: +63-917-5054626
      Email1: carlos.melissa@sedahotels.com
      Email2: guion.neljun@sedahotels.com

      14.) Smallville 21

      Address: Smallville Commercial Complex, Diversion Road, Mandurriao, Iloilo City
      Contact Person: Ms. Ruby Salcepuedes
      Tel1: (033) 333-3121
      Tel2: (033) 501-6821
      Fax: (033) 333-3621
      Email: smallville21iloilo@gmail.com

    2. Reservation Procedures

      It is suggested to book reservations directly with the hotel and provide the code APEC-ILO2SME to identify as the invited delegates and guests. However, it is strongly advised to book before 05 September 2015. Bookings are made on a first come, first served basis.

      It is suggested to book reservations directly with the hotel and provide the code APEC-ILO2SMEto identify as the invited delegates and guests. However, it is strongly advised to book before 05 September 2015. Bookings are made on a first come, first served basis.

    3. 1.) Amigo Terrace Hotel
      Superior Room PHP 2,795
      Deluxe Room PHP 3,965
      Studio/Junior Suite PHP 4,400
      Business Suite PHP 4,400
      Family Suite Room PHP 7,800
      Lopez Jaena Suite PHP 9,300
      Chairman’s Suite PHP 5,650
      Presidential Suite PHP 10,500

      *Rates EXCLUDES buffet breakfast

      2.) Century 21
      Superior Room PHP 1,200
      Standard Room PHP 1,225
      Jr. Executive B PHP 1,300
      Jr. Executive A PHP 1,450
      Executive for 2 PHP 1,550
      Executive for 3 PHP 1,725
      Family Room PHP 1,825

      *Rates EXCLUDES buffet breakfast

      3.) Circle Inn & Suites
      Single Room PHP 1,400.00
      Standard Matrimonial/Twin PHP 1,800.00
      Deluxe Twin/Triple PHP 2,300.00
      Deluxe Balcony PHP 2,600.00
      Premium PHP 3,100.00
      Family Room PHP 3,500.00

      *Rates EXCLUDES buffet breakfast

      4.) Days Hotel
      Classic Deluxe Room PHP 2,500.00 NN
      Classic Deluxe Room w/ Window PHP 2,800.00 NN
      Modern Deluxe Room PHP 3,200.00 NN
      Modern Deluxe Room w/ Window PHP 3,500.00 NN
      Superior Room PHP 3,850.00 NN
      Junior Suite PHP 4,100.00 NN
      Executive Suite PHP 5,000.00 NN
      Presidential Suite PHP 6,500.00 NN
      Extra person w/ bed & breakfast PHP 1,100.00 NN
      5.) GT Hotel
      Superior PHP 2,250.00 NN
      Superior Twin PHP 2,250.00 NN
      Family Room PHP 2,850.00 NN
      GT Suite PHP 3,500.00 NN
      6.) Highway 21
      Single PHP 1,350 NN
      Superior A PHP 1,700 NN
      Standard PHP 1,760 NN
      Deluxe PHP 1,960 NN
      Executive PHP 1,550 NN

      Annex Building (no elevator)

      Single PHP 800 NN
      Superior PHP 950 NN
      Standard PHP 950 NN
      Deluxe PHP 1,100 NN
      Mabuhay PHP 1,250 NN
      Economy PHP 1,400 NN
      Family PHP 1,850 NN
      7.) IloIlo Business Hotel
      Standard Double/ Twin PHP 4,000.00 NN
      Superior Room PHP 4,500.00 NN
      Deluxe Standard Room PHP 5,500.00 NN
      Deluxe Family Room PHP 6,000.00 NN
      Business Suite PHP 8,000.00 NN
      Penthouse Suite PHP 25,000.00 NN
      8.) Iloilo Grand Hotel
      Standard Single Room PHP 995.00 NN
      Standard Twin Room PHP 1,600.00 NN
      Standard Matrimonial Room PHP 1,600.00 NN
      Standard Superior Room PHP 2,000.00 NN
      Standard Deluxe Room PHP 2,050.00 NN
      Executive Suite PHP 2,160.00 NN
      Junior Suite PHP 2,460.00 NN
      Presidential Suite PHP 3,360.00 NN
      Chairman Suite PHP 3,840.00 NN
      Dormitory (8pax) PHP 2,500.00
      Dormitory (6pax) PHP 2,160.00

      ** All rates are inclusive of breakfast except for Dormitories (number of breakfast depends on room type)

      9.) Injap Tower Hotel
      Standard Room PHP 2,850.00 NN
      10.) People’s Hotel
      Standard Room PHP 1,350.00
      Deluxe Room PHP 1,900.00
      Business Suite Room PHP 2,500.00 NN
      Group Room PHP 2,730.00 NN
      Presidential Suite PHP 4,500.00 NN

      ** Wi-Fi accessible in lobby only

      ** All rates are inclusive of plated breakfast except for Standard and Deluxe Room

      11.) Richmonde Hotel
      Deluxe – Single Occupancy PHP 6,000 NN
      Deluxe – Double Occupancy PHP 6,500 NN
      12.) Sarabia Manor Hotel and Convention Center
      The Economy Room** PHP 1,500.00
      Traveler’s Room** PHP 1,700.00
      Family Room** PHP 3,000.00
      Standard Room PHP 2,700.00 NN
      Executive Room PHP 2,900.00 NN
      Superior Room PHP 3,500.00 NN
      Deluxe Room PHP 3,700.00 NN
      Junior Suite PHP 4,500.00 NN
      Amaparo Suite PHP 5,500.00 NN
      Salvador Suite PHP 7,500.00 NN

      ** RATES of the Manor’s Room Savers are EXCLUSIVE of buffet breakfast.

      13.) Seda Atria
      Deluxe King PHP 5,000 NN
      Deluxe Twin PHP 5,500 NN
      Premier PHP 6,300 NN
      14.) Smallville 21
      Standard Matrimonial/Twin PHP 2,850.00 NN
      Superior Matrimonial PHP 2,950.00 NN
      Deluxe Room PHP 3,300.00 NN
      Handicapped Room PHP 3,600.00 NN
      Executive Room PHP 3,600.00 NN
      Presidential Room PHP 4,750.00 NN

      *All rates are inclusive of all applicable taxes.

    4. Location of each hotel to the Iloilo Convention Center
  • Presentation Materials

    Speakers are requested to submit their presentation materials by e-mail to d32088@tier.org.tw with a copy to d32115@tier.org.tw, htqp14@apec.org; ja14@apec.org by10 September 2015. Each document should be accompanied by a completed Document Reproduction Request Form (Annex B).

  • Travel Visas

    Participants holding passport issued by the Government of China and Chinese Taipei may request an endorsement letter for a Philippines visa application from Claudia Hillary Carbonell (claudiahillarycarbonell@dti.gov.ph) at the Philippine Department of Trade and Industry with a copy to Mr. Jeffery Wang (d32088@tier.org.tw). Unless otherwise stated, entry to the Philippines requires no visa. Please FULLY fill out the Applicant Information Form (Annex C) in order to receive a letter of invitation.

  • Airport Transfer Service

    Participants staying at the Richmonde hotel may select a registered taxi service to and from the airport for an estimated charge of PHP 450 – PHP 700 (USD $10-$15) each way depending on the volume of traffic.

  • General Information
    1. Iloilo City, Iloilo

      Known as the City of Love due to its kind and welcoming people, Iloilo City is located in the Western part of the Visayas region, one of the three main geographical divisions of the country. It is composed of seven administrative districts namely: Arevalo, Molo, Mandurriao, La Paz, Jaro, Lapuz and the City Proper. Iloilo’s rich heritage is showcased in its delicious cuisine, treasured historical buildings, cultural traditions, captivating natural landscapes, and in the many exciting festivals celebrated throughout the year in the province.

    2. Weather

      As September is the wettest month of the year in the Philippines, rain showers are to be expected. However, there still are pleasant periods of sun and partially cloudy skies. Visitors can expect high humidity and temperatures ranging from the mid 20°Cs (77°F)to the low 30°Cs (86°F). Visitors are encouraged to regularly check local weather forecasts and stay indoors during severe weather warnings issued by the Philippine Atmospheric, Geophysical and Astronomical Services Administration (PAGASA) such as in the case of an announced storm signal of no. 3 or higher.

    3. Time

      The Philippine Standard Time is 8 hours ahead of GMT (+8 GMT). DST is not adopted in the Philippines.

    4. Currency

      The official currency of the Philippines is the Philippine Peso (PHP). Retailers in the Philippines will in general not accept other currencies, so it is necessary for visitors to change foreign currency into Philippine Pesos to make cash payments. Delegates may wish to change their currencies at NAIA after clearing immigrations and customs. The average exchange rate is USD 1 = PHP 44.5.
      Following the regulations of the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas (Central Bank of the Philippines), Philippine currency brought in or taken out of the Philippines must not be more than PHP10,000. The transportation of foreign currency is legal; however, foreign currency in excess of USD10,000 or its equivalent in other foreign currencies brought into the Philippines must be declared before the Customs Officer at the Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA.)

    5. Credit Cards

      Visa and MasterCard are accepted at most establishments. However, only cash payments in Philippine Pesos are accepted in public transportation, small shops, and small restaurants.

    6. Tipping

      In general, tipping is not a mandatory practice in many hotels, restaurants, taxis, and other services in the Philippines. However, if you are satisfied with the service, you may wish to add10% of the total bill as gratuity.

    7. Electricity and Water Supply

      The power supply in the Philippines is 220-240 volts, 60 hertz. Outlets are mainly made for two-flat pronged plugs. Please check the voltage requirements of your appliance before using the wall socket.
      The tap water is not always potable. Thus, we advise the participants to consume bottled water, which can be purchased at the hotels or any nearby convenience stores and groceries.

    8. Restaurants

      Information on local restaurants shall be available at the APEC Information Desk.

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